Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Season

My dear friend and roommate from Logan is pregnant with her first baby and we had a shower for her a few saturdays ago.
It is so fun to get together because all we do is talk and eat which I am really good at and I really like it.

Here are some of us- it was taken towards the end.
Julie, Erin, Keeley(baby), Me.
Let's get together again. It shouldn't take a baby to get together- otherwise we will have a mad house soon.
Love Ya!

Ethan Kingsbury

My sister Val and her husband John just had their third little boy.
I am a bog fat slacker when it comes to updating my blog.
Here are some cute pictures of him with Chris and I. He was a little peanut. 5.5oz when he was born February 25 and 18 inches.
He's so cute. You can see how small he is if you compare his body to Chris's giant hand holding him.

Here he is in a little hat that I made to fit his tiny head.

Ethan Alexander Kingsbury and Uncle Chris

Aunt Linds and Ethan

He's Too Cute and Little.

Our Life Together......So far