Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Thanks

So around this time of year is when you are supposed to think of everything that you are grateful for. I was thinking in the shower of how blessed both Chris and I are and wanted to share some of the many things that we are grateful for.
-Gospel of the Church
-Family, with out their support we wouldn't be here today.
-Chris getting an awesome Internship at a CPA Accounting firm, with the chance that he might be hired on full time.
-Chris getting a high score on his GMAT so that he can get into the Masters of Accounting Program at Weber State.
-Me still having a job in a housing market that is a little scary right now.
-Friends that are so much fun to hang out with at any time and any age.
-Being able to live in a country where we are able to enjoy the little things- driving a car, going to school, and worshiping how we feel is right.
-Having a place to live with heat and water.
-Being able to enjoy a dinner and movie with each other.
-A spouse that will love and understand you no matter how crazy you may sound at times.
-Someone to laugh at all the same things as you, even if they really aren't that funny, but to you they are hilarious.
-Cute little babies that are so cuddly- Two sisters are having babies and I am sooooo excited.
-Food to eat on Thanksgiving and every other day of the year.
Just a small list of all the things that I/we are grateful for. Hope everyone has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. It is in the top two of my favorite holidays. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Salmon Trip Pics

So Chris and I went to Salmon this summer and I am just now getting to posting them. Yes I am a slacker- but it took a while to actually download them from the camera.

We stayed the first night of our trip in Lava Hot Springs. It was really fun, we floated this little river that goes right through the town and we had a couples massage. I think that I can totally talk him into it again. Then we got to float in the Mineral pools that were right outside out hotel in the yard. It was great.

Here is a view of the room- it was not the nicest. But I made sure that we had the huge jacuzzi tub (a must) and if you look closely you can see the nook where the toilet was (along the back wall to the right). Yes it was all in one room. So whoever was on the bed could see the person's knees who was using the comode at anytime of the day. Lovely.

This is Chris and Aidan my sisters Stacie's son. He is so freakin' cute.

Here is Erik being the HULK! Can you tell with the jammies.

Aunt Linds and Erik and Aidan. How can you resist those faces?! Expecially when the mistakenly call you Mama. :)

This is what the boys did everytime we were near water- Throw rocks.

The rock throwing didn't help Chris catch any fish- but he had a little buddy near by to cheer him up.

Chris being eater by the Grizzly bear.

Me kissing the Salmon salmon.

The wild goats on the side of the road.

Even though it was a crazy long drive it was worth the beautiful scenery and seeing my sister, her kids and husband and her cute house. This is from their back porch. We ate dinner outside almost every night. It was perfect.

This is looking down on the town of Salmon. They are so high on the hill we saw a few deer in the back yard while we were watching the Olympics on TV.

Our Life Together......So far