Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where does the Time Fly!

Since I haven't posted anything since before Halloween I figure it should get caught up.
Chris and I for Halloween tried to use our handy skills and make our own costumes.
It as so much better in my minds eye but it still turned out pretty cute.

My Graveyard Brownies

At a Church Party

Chris the Consruction Worker- we made the sign.

A cone of my own making-not too shabby

We were able to spend Thanksgiving with Chris's family and his sister Aimee was in town for the week. We played lots of games and ate lots of yummy food. We played Perudo the most. And I think that everyone won at least once. It just took Brian about 3 hours to finally win. Chris was being the Mean Big Brother and was making it hard for him to win. :)

Reading by the Fire

Chris waiting for FOOD!

Playing games with the whole gang

Shot before dinner.

Christmas was fun. Chris hurt his wrist snow-boarding so we spent part of the night in Insta-care to make sure that it wasn't broken. It was a good thing that it wasn't since he was starting his new job in a week from then. It is hard yo type on a key board if you can't move your hand.
Then we went to the Coleman's for more Christmas fun.

The Nativity- Porter Style

The after Nativity Dance Party

Christmas Morning- Did Santa Come or What!?

We also went snowshoeing for the first time with Chris's friends. It was super fun. We pretty much went straight up a mountain and then ran down it with tons of powder. It made us think that we needed to get some for us next year. :)

The Gang before

On the way up the Mountain

The Top

What a Cute Couple.....

A rabid man-deer on the trail. Good thing that there was a hunter to put it down.

Ready.... Set.....


The hill looking up

How could anyone resist?

My nephew turned 8 in January and he had an awesome birthday party. Even though it was a party for all his friends I think that there were just as many adults that came too. You will see why......

Looks like Chris made it to the party! :)

Outside I was cool and collected

How I really felt holding an 8 foot 60 pound Python!!!!

A yellow Lizard

Tarantula- I DID NOT hold that. Braden was brave

The Birthday Boy being taken down by the GIANT snake

Eli hold his Favorite- his Fwog

My mom holding the Scorpion. Don't worry it's not that poisonous

The following morning after the Baptism. Chris was hand picked to be a witness. We know who they really love of the Dahlins.

Chris and I also decided that it was time to buy a house. After looking for a while we decided to stay near Ogden. We are moving to Harrisville (just north of Ogden). It's not that far you Salt Lake people, I promise. Make the drive and you'll see. :) We are moving the end of April so if anyone is around then we can sure use the help. Hint Hint :)

This is the house!
Once we get all our stuff moved in I can show how cute it is inside! Yeah! No more noisy neighbors!
Harrisville Here We Come!

Our Life Together......So far