Saturday, December 10, 2011

Abigail's Blessing Day

On Sunday Dec. 4, 2011 we blessed Abigail. My awesome mom made her blessing dress. We were able to have family and friends be there on Abbie's special day and enjoy some awesome food.

One Heck of a Year

It has been a whirlwind of a year for the Dahlins.
We first we went on a awesome vacation with 2 of my sisters and their husbands ( you can see all the details in earlier posts.)

Then we found out that I was pregnant after we came home. We were so excited to start our family. And that our little one was going to join us on October 20th.

A few weeks later Chris was playing basketball at work and he landed on someone's foot and twisted his ankle to badly that he chipped his ankle bone and had to wear a walking boot for at least 2 months.

In April one day Chris was having bad stomach pains and after going to the emergency room we found out that Chris needed to have his appendix out. He ended up having surgery on a Sat first thing in the morning and he had no problems. He was discharged later that day and he was doing pretty good. By Monday afternoon he was having such bad stomach pains again that we ended up going to the emergency room again. He had an x-ray and the saw that his intestines were swelling and they told us that he had a bad illius. Pretty much his intestines "fell asleep" from having his appendix out and they hadn't woken up. That happens to 1 in 20 people and all they can do is wait for it to "wake up." So he was admitted and was not allowed to eat or drink. They x-rayed his intestines again on Wed. and they told us they needed to do another surgery because they thought that he had something blocking his intestines and that is why he was having all the swelling. During the surgery they found that there was no blockage but it must have helped. He was feeling better and was able to start eating on Sunday. After a full week at the hospital he was finally able to come home after losing 20 lbs!

In July we were able to fly to Kansas and see his little sister get married in the Winter Quarters Temple. It was a beautiful and a very HOT day. It was right during the heat wave in the mid-west. I never knew that it could be midnight and be 100 degrees at the same time. They also had a fun reception with a DJ with lots of dancing and good food. Thanks for the good time!

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On October 18th we finally added Abigail Elise to our family. She was born at 9:22 am, 6 lbs 9 oz, 19.75 inches. I started contractions on Sunday at 4 pm. They were about 30 minutes apart and they continued to be that far apart until Monday at
8 am. They then started coming about 7-10 minutes. My mom came up the night before so she was with Chris and I the whole day keeping me calm and helping me know what I should do. At 3 we went to the hospital to make sure that the baby was okay and also to see if I was dilated at all. Once we were there my contractions stayed at about 7 minutes apart and the baby was fine but alas, no one was able to reach / find my cervix. So I was monitored for 2.5 hours! and they sent me home. Boo. We all came home and ate some dinner and by 9 pm I started having super pain contractions and also back labor. Back labor was the worst part of the contractions. I was at my limit of pain by about 1:30 so we went to the hospital. Once I was there the best nurse there was able to reach and pull my cervix forward. Once she did that she told us that I was dilated to a 4! Hooray! I was able to be admitted and I was getting my epidural. Epidurals are the best thing in the world, If you have had one you know what I mean.
By 8 am I was at a 10 and my Dr. was on her way. And out she came to join the world after a short 30 minutes of pushing.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Dahlin at 6.5 Months

Here is my growing belly at 6.5 months. I am a little late posting since I am a little over 7 months now. She moves a lot in the evening and morning especially when I am laying on my side.
We are getting so excited to see her. We have her furniture put together so it seems to be getting more real every day. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

5 1/2 Months Along......

This month has been much better. I have not been sick at all and I am starting to feel her move all around.
I say she feels like a cat stretching in there and for some reason she likes to stick something, I say her bum, out on the right side of my belly button. But I am super excited to see what she looks like and I love feeling her move. It for sure tells me that she is still alive and kickin in there.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

17.5 Weeks Baby Bump

Here is the belly at 17.5 weeks. At my last appointment at 15 weeks the Dr. was not able to tell if it was a boy or girl. So next time they should be able to tell. The 4th month has been better than the first 3. Not as much sickness :)
I am still able to wear my regular pants since I lost a little weight in the beginning but I have been having to unbutton the top button lately. Belly bands here I come!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3 Months and Counting

Here is the baby bump thus far, Week 13.

Been sick pretty much the whole time so far so I hope that 2nd Trimester will be better but it's worth it. :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bahamas 2011 Part 2

Bahama 2011

Bahamas Baby!

Chris and I went to the Bahamas on a Winter Getaway with Jen and Zach and Stacie and Mark. My cute sisters.
We went to the Sandals resort which was all inclusive. That is the way to do one of those vacations. All food and drinks included. Booyeah! I got all the Virgin Miami Vices that I could handle.

We did so much fun sutff. We swam and snorkeled. That was the first time that Chris had been any place tropical and I think that he will definitely be talked into something like that again. Chris saw a stingray and we both saw a Baracuda. He saw right over hte top of it. I made sure that I kept my distance.

We were able to do some excursions. The first one that we got to do was called a Bubble Sub. We went on a boat that took us about 20 minutes from shore and then you get to "drive" your own personal sub. It was like a scooter but had no wheels and it went no faster that 1 mph. Also the best part is that you didn't have to get your head wet. Which meant that you didn't have to worry about the water filling your goggles. We did that for 30 minutes and then you got to snorkel over the reefs that you were just by. It was cool but I was still on the look out for a shark. We also got to a Dolphin Encounter. We were able to be in the water with it and we danced and hugged it and I got a few kisses. At the end we did the Dolphin Push. You lay on your stomach and two dolphins come and push your feet and they push you so fast that you come out of the water to you knees. It was so much fun.

Chris loved the Fire Pizzeria that was right on the beach. He has at least one pizza a day but that is what a vacation is for, right? Everyday we were able to lay on the beach chairs and enjoy the sunset and read and take a nap. We went into the city center and we walked thru all the shops and we also walked thru this GIANT tent that had stuff ( read Crap) from the floor to the ceiling. We didn't buy anything there but It was crazy to see all the stuff that could be crammed into such a little space.
At night we played a ping pong and took advantage of the beach view fire pits.

It was so fun to be there with Chris and my sisters. It was so relaxing and I want to go some where tropical again.

New York

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dahlin Trip to New York

Chris and I got to go to NYC with his mom, stepdad Ron, sister Aimee and Bro Bryan. It was tons of fun and we did lots of things. Like walking out butts off, and getting lost on the dumb subway. That was an experience.
The first day we went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island with my cute Aunt Claudette who happened to be visitng my Cousin Shawn in NY at the same time. It was so nice to have a guide since we had no clue what we were doing and were functioning on little sleep ( we took the red-eye to NY.) We also went to a really yummy Italian dinner right on the pier by the Brooklyn Bridge. I had Lobster Ravioli and Chris had a fancy salad with the BIGGEST shrimp that I have ever seen. My cousin showed us around the financial district and we got to see the Bull. The whole time Chris was talking about the Bull I thought he was saying Bowl. So I was really confused. And I got to see TIffany's. I didn't get to go in, everything would have been out of our budget.

The next day it was just Chris and I against the City. His fam went to Upstate NY to see some friends and fam. We went to the Museum of Modern Art ( Chris's Pick) and the Museum of Natural History ( My Pick.) It was trying to get to the History Museum that we got lost trying to switch train lines and I was sweating and swearing and we finally got some help. Chris offended a Police Officer by calling him a Guard. It was good all around.
That night we went to a comedy show for Tracy Jordan in Harlem. You would think that he would be so funny since he is on 30 Rock and he is funny on there, right? WRONG! He was funny for a little bit but I had a hard time understanding what he was saying and what I did understand I thought was pretty gross. I will say that the girls that say behind us thought that he was really really funny. I am pretty sure that Chris and I were a small handful of White People that were in the crowd. It was an real NY experience.

The next day I got to go to Central Park with Chris' mom and sister and we took a carriage ride around it. It was crazy to think of all the movies that had filmed there and I totally thought about the scene in Enchanted and almost started singing" How Do You Know". Chris got to go to the Yankees game with his Brother and Ron and he had some killer seats. Since he had the camera no pics of the park. :( That night it was a girls night for dinner and we went to a fun pub and got some good steaks.

Sunday Chris, Brian and Ron went to a Giants football game while us girls got to go shopping a little bit and then we got to see Mama Mia on Broadway. It was awesome. We had super close seats and could see everything. After the show everyone comes back on stage and you get to sing all the songs with them and dance around. It was such a fun time with Chris' sister and mom.
That night we went to dinner in the Little Italy for Ron's birthday. When we got there we realized that there was a festival that was going on so there was a lot to see and lots of street vendors. All of the restaurants had tents set up so that we could sit outside and see everything but still eat the yummy food. After dinner we had to get some Gelato.

Monday we went shopping and it was the one day that it was raining. It was fun to walk around the city in the rain. Chris and I went to Jimmy Fallon that night. We were able to go behind the band when they were playing but we were too high and you couldn't see us. Still fun to see his show in person.

It was such a fun trip and we were so happy that we could be there and celebrate Ron's birthday.

Our Life Together......So far