Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party

Nick and Natalie had a Halloween last Saturday and it was really fun. Everyone dressed up and we carved pumpkins ate yummy food and watched Van Helsing. It was a fun night.
Chris and I wanted to be the robots from the Year 2000- from Flight of the Conchords. I thought that we didn't too bad considering we made the costumes ourselves

Chris was Jemain and I was Brett.

We're doing the Robot and the Robo-boogie, Yes Affirmative.

Me ripping off Chris's head and Arms. I am Strong!

Chris's retaliation

Pirate Jeremy and his Wench Jen

Nate and Jen the Scarecrows

Nick and Nat the 'Smores

Our Pumpkins- Mine was a scary tree and Chris's was a crazy face.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Is it Just Me?!

So I recently got my hair done. I love it when you go and you get the new color and the hair wash and they do it all cute. Then a week later you see split ends!!!! How is it that I just spent $70 on a cut and a color and I can see a split end on a single hair?! Granted I did say that I just wanted a trim (I am trying to grow my hair back out) but that does not mean you barely do the job. I have shaved more hair off my legs- sorry for those reading this that are grossed out. But I had to make a point. Man, I just needed to vent. I was just hoping that I wasn't the only one that got jipped out of a "real" haircut.
Thanks for letting me clear my head.

Friday, October 10, 2008

TAG! You're it!

I just got my first tag by Jill- so everyone be prepared to know me better. :)

10 Years ago I was....
1. Starting my Sophmore year at Copper Hills and so mad that I didn't get to take Drivers Ed 1st quarter.
2. Hanging out with my friends at JJ's house.
3. Getting ready to go on my first date- Hey JJ! How was Sadies?!
4. Working at my first job with Crystal.
5. Growing out my HIDEOUS short hair. Apparently, I should never try to have hair like Faith Hill in the music video "This Kiss"

5 Things on my To Do List.....
1. Do homework for online class- Check
2. Get a friend a wedding gift since her reception was last night. Yikes.
3. Drop Chris off at Lagoon with Nick and Nat for a night of fun.
4. Go to Fantastic Friday with my sister and make a cute wall clock.
5. Pick Chris up- and if they are still at Lagoon ride Re-Entry. I love it.

5 Snacks I love....
1. Beef Jerky
2. Popcorn
3. Apples, peaches, fruit in general- but NOT bananas.
4. Red Mango, with Mangos, strawberries, and moochi.
5. Chips, salsa, guacamole, and queso dip.
6. Artichoke Dip
7. Bread and oilve oil and balsamic vinegar
Can you tell I love to eat?

5 Thing I Would do If I had a Million Bucks
1. Get a decent car with excellent gas mileage- by decent I mean automatic window, locks and heated seats, sun roof, cd/ipod player and big enough for a family- one day.
2. Buy a house- free and clear, and a rental property.
3. Put money away for kids school.
4. Put money away for retirement.
5. Take all the families on a sweet vacation- all inclusive and awesome.

5 Places I lived....
1. West Jordan
2. South Jordan
3. Logan
4. Sugarhouse.
5. O-town. Ogden

5 Jobs I have Had....
1. Fashion Bug- I will never work at a clothes store again.
2. Sunsations- The BEST JOB EVER for a high school girl.
3. My Man Job- I made Lay-Z-Boy parts at night with a bunch of strange college people. My nails looked like CRAP.
4. Flying J- I had the most teeth and also the best hygeine. I was really desperate.
5. Equity Title Ins.- Currently sitting at my desk not working. PS if you are buying or selling your home or Refinancing- send your business my way. Ha!

5 People I tag........Drum Roll.....
1. Britney Jensen
2. Annie Reagan
3. Keeley Jean Mendenhall
4. Amy Soto
5. Natalie Gottwold
6. Melinda Call
Good Luck!

Our Life Together......So far