Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Awesome Week for the Dahlins!!!!

So it has been a good week for the Dahlins thus far.
I was offered a job at Inwest Title. It is a good thing since it was coming on 2 months of no prospects and I will be working with an old co-worker so I will for sure know one person there. Hooray for real money and Insurance and having something to do. Yipee!

And ever BETTER news is that Chris was "tentatively" offered a job at Hill Air Force Base for an Accounting position. I think that the tentatively is just a back-ground check. So he should be in the clear. We are so excited. It means that we can stay close to the area and we will be able to maybe start looking for houses in the next year. The only tiny minor setback is that Chris will have to postpone graduation for a semester since for the position he has to be a student while he is in Training. So one online easy class will be a breeze compared to what he is taking now.

Hooray! We are excited to be thinking of moving past the student status and into the real world of work and life!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Better Late than Never.........

So I have said that I was going to update and that has been about 4 months ago. As they say Better Late than Never.
A lot has been going on with the Dahlins.
In May I graduated with my Associates of Science from Weber. I don't have pictures because I didn't walk. I think that when I finally get my bachelors that will be a milestone and then I can walk with the rest of the students who will be close to 15 years younger. I just know it!!!!

Chris and I went to visit his sister Aimee in Oregon. She lives in Ashland which is the I think a mix of Park City and Sausalito, CA. It was a cute college town that you can walk to most places and we did. It was a LONG drive but it was really fun. I will say that MapQuest doesn't necessarily give you the best route. It gives you the "quickest" but it sure was NOT the easiest. The last hour was switch backs down a steep mountain where I am pretty sure that two cars could not fit comfortably. It was so scary and I almost puked. But I will say that when you have a road trip a book on tape is a MUST. Thanks Dan Brown and Angels and Demons. You made 12 hours there are back fly by! We had alot of fun with Aimee. We walked around all the shops on main st., we had some AWESOME indian food and we also got to go to the Beach. It isn't the kind of beach where you want to go swimming. It was freezing cold. I didn't know that it was possible to get a brain freeze through your feet. But I assure you- it is. It was so pretty. It looked just like the Goonies. There was just humongous rocks just off shore. It was really pretty. We also got to see some giant redwoods - they were just off the side of the road and we got to walk all around them. I am pretty sure that I saw some Harry from Harry and the Hendersons.

At the end of July we went with Nick and Natalie, Jeremy and Jen, and Ryan and Kristine and their cute little baby Simon to stay in a cabin at Sundance Resort. It was freakin nice. It wasn't so much a cabin than a large house with a wood theme in the middle of the woods. We ate a ton and hung out and played games. I think that we got Nick addicted to Perudo. The dice game they play in "Pirates of the Caribbean #2" It was fun but also really competitive. Chris, Nick, Nat, Jeremy and Jen went on a midnight hike up Timpanogas Peak. I was a slacker and wasn't feeling well from a stomach bug I has earlier that week so I didn't go. They said that it was nuts. They all had their head lamps and water and it was pretty easy at first. Until they got to the glaciers and had to back track for an hour. By that time it was really cold so they hung out at a shack that was on the trail for people to stay in. They didn't get to the peak but they did get some pretty cool pictures and they did get to see the sun rise. By the time that they got back to the cabin it was 9 and they were tired and exhausted. A couple of hours sleep later and some ibuprofen everyone was as good as gold. Thanks for the excellent weekend!

The bad news was that I got laid off! WHAT you say! I say that too! It was at the end of August and it was out of the blue. It was a normal day and the next thing I know I am in an office with the Big Dogs and I am getting a severance check. So I have been keeping Chris company since he is just going to school right now to finish his Masters Degree. It has been nice but I am not sure if I can go back to a 8-5 job. I have gotten used to sleeping in. Ha Ha.
Right after I got laid off I took advantage of my free time and also my nieces and nephew off track time and we went to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden Canyon. It was really fun and it was pretty cheap. There is museum inside and also a park outside that you can walk around real life size dinos.

Well that is pretty much all that has been going on with Chris and I. I am sure that I will still stink at blogging posts but hey.......Better Late than Never. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hi, My Name is Lindsey...........

Hi, My name is Lindsey and I am a Blog Ignorer.
Well, don't they say that the first step is admitting you have a problem.
Well that is step one. I promise that there will be more to come.

Thanks for letting me acknowledge my crap-ness at blogging.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Season

My dear friend and roommate from Logan is pregnant with her first baby and we had a shower for her a few saturdays ago.
It is so fun to get together because all we do is talk and eat which I am really good at and I really like it.

Here are some of us- it was taken towards the end.
Julie, Erin, Keeley(baby), Me.
Let's get together again. It shouldn't take a baby to get together- otherwise we will have a mad house soon.
Love Ya!

Ethan Kingsbury

My sister Val and her husband John just had their third little boy.
I am a bog fat slacker when it comes to updating my blog.
Here are some cute pictures of him with Chris and I. He was a little peanut. 5.5oz when he was born February 25 and 18 inches.
He's so cute. You can see how small he is if you compare his body to Chris's giant hand holding him.

Here he is in a little hat that I made to fit his tiny head.

Ethan Alexander Kingsbury and Uncle Chris

Aunt Linds and Ethan

He's Too Cute and Little.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

We're Auntie and Uncle AGAIN!

My sister Jen and Zach had thier baby girl Saturday Jan. 10th.
They named her Elizabeth Sophia Aland. She is co cute and little and just precious.
Chris and I got a front row view of the start of labor. We were all supposed to go to dinner on Friday night and then Jen and I were going to work on the walls in the new nursery. Well by the time that we got to their house she was having some belly pains and didn't think that she could sit through dinner at a restaurant. So Chris and I went and picked up dinner for all of us with some fries by special request from Jen. In the hour that we were gone the pains had gotten much worse and she was shaking it was hurting so bad. So I helped put some stuff in her overnight bag and we were going to go to our apartment since it is across the street from the Hospital. By the time that we got everything in the car she wanted to go straight to the hospital. I drove since Zach can't see very well to drive at night and I now know that epidural is the way to go- For Sure!

Elizabeth Sophia Aland

I know I will be the favorite aunt. Her hair really isn't that orange- it must be the picture

Chris and 6 hour old ElizabethNew babies are so cuddly and smell so good.
I think that we are coming around to this baby idea.
Congrats Zach and Jen- You done good!

Dahlin Year End Review- SUPER LATE!!!!!!

I had a birthday on Nov. 21st. I turned the big 26! How did I get so old?! My family had a dinner and we all opened presents. It was a joint birthday party with my sister Trisha but she was home with a sick kid so Zachary was her candle blower proxy.

We were able to have Thanksgiving with all of Chris's extended family on his mom's side on the family.
His uncle Tom, aunt Chrisine, Cousin Kay, her husband Franco and their two kids Isaac and Arie came up to Utah from Texas. Aimee also came down from Oregon. It was fun to hang out with them and play some games. We all ate together for Thanksgiving day and had a super YUMMY dinner at Rome Ristorante'. I had the best pork loin (of course I remember the food!.) It was great to have everyone around the table and lots of people said what they were thankful for. Most of the answers were family and I don't disagree.

Suzanne and Ron


Isaac, Franco, and Kay

Javier and Grandma Karol


Chris and me

Isaac and Arie

Then it was off to finals for school- well at least for me. Chris was applying to his Masters of Accounting program to start in the spring. So he was busy studying for his GMAT. Can I tell you that is one beast of a test- and the 2nd time was the charm. Chris passed in early November and was accepted to his masters program at Weber State. He also got a PAID- BOOYEAH!- internship with an CPA Accounting firm in Ogden. So it was a lot of good news right before Christmas.

We spent Christmas Eve with Ron, Suzanne and Brian. We ate a yummy Prime Rib dinner. It was the best prime rib, with lots of horseradish! Thanks for the awesome dinner. After dinner poor Brian got a migraine so he was MIA for the rest of the night. We just hung out watched a movie and opened presents.

Ron with his heated glove liners

Suzanne with a scarf and some earrings I made- I was crafty this Christmas.

Chris got some super comfy warm slippers

Me with LOTS of smelly stuff.

We then went and stayed at my parents house so that we could see all the kids open their Santa presents. It so fun with little kids and how they get so excited. Since Chris and I were the only adults sleeping downstairs with all the kids I was put on kid patrol. My mom told the girls (Ashleigh and Rebecca) and Zachary that they couldn't come out of their room until 8am . Don't worry at 5 AM I heard them all giggling in the bedroom and since they couldn't leave the room I have the lovely task of getting all 3 DS game systems for them. Then Eli woke up - so he was my and Chris's bed buddy for the rest of the night. It is just getting me ready for my own little rug rats. :)

Chris got some games for the Wii.

The 3 DS Culprits.

My sister Lisa and me with my Cashmere - Hello!- scarf that I got from Chris's dad and Cheryl in Kansas. So Soft!

My Bro-in-Law John and Andrew opening Stockings

My parents got al us girls/hubbies beadspreads from Branson - this is me opening mine. It's blue, white and cream. Very pretty.

Chris opening a sweatshirt

Eli playing with a Horton Hears A Who Game. He's so Cute.

Chris's sisters in Kansas got us some pretty flowers for Christmas. It was a good choice I LOVE tulips.

Our Life Together......So far